Technical Analysis with R

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I have written an introductory book with R, titled Technical Analysis with R”. Readers are prepared how to do

  • data manipulation (dyplr package),
  • conduct econometric analysis (regression, time series),
  • plotting (ggplot2 package, dygraphs package),
  • webscrapping (rvest package, wbstat package, quantmod package), and
  • financial analysis (quantmod package, quantstrat package).
  • backtest a complex trading strategy and evaluate the performance.

The book is available through bookdown (free online gitbook) or Gumroad (name-your-own-price offline pdf and epub). You can read the whole book through bookdown. Of course, you are very welcome to consider buying me a cup of coffee by purchasing the ebook.

After purchasing through Gumroad, you can download pdf and epub.
Chiu Yu Ko
Chiu Yu Ko
Associate Professor

My research interests include Game Theory, Industrial Organization, Political Economics and Financial Economics.