TikZ Cookbook Companion

Image credit: Unsplash

Related to the first book (TikZ Cookbook), I have compiled a companion textbook with more examples. The book shows 100 diagrams that can be found in textbooks of introductory principle classes.

The book is available through Google Play or Google book. You can read the whole book through free sampling and preview. If you think that I have done a good or bad job, please feel free to drop me an email with comments/suggestions. Of course, you are very welcome to consider buying me a cup of coffee through purchasing the ebook.

After purchasing through Google Play, you may download acsm file to be opened by specialized software such as Adobe Digital Edition. The software will download the pdf file to be read offline.
Chiu Yu Ko
Chiu Yu Ko
Associate Professor

My research interests include Game Theory, Industrial Organization, Political Economics and Financial Economics.